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AZ Med Tec supplies surgical fibers for use in general surgery, plastic surgery and urology.

AZ Med Tec is a well-known distributor of surgical fibers used only in general surgery, plastic surgery and urology. All of our surgical laser fibers products are made in the USA in a State of the Art Facility with German Design and Engineering.


Our products are exceeding the highest worldwide standards of optical specification. MAKE US YOUR NEW SUPPLIER FOR SURGICAL FIBERS.


AZ Med Tec surgical laser fibers are designed for excellent transmission of strong laser energy in a wide wavelength range. All of our medical devices meet the applicable requirements of FDA’s GMP and cleared under the 510K. The devices are available for broad diameter ranges from 150 to 1000μm fiber core diameter; customer-optimized designs are possible on request.


Surgical Laser Fibers - Products


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Flat Tip Surgical Fibers CurveBall Surgical Fibers


Our surgical fibers can be used with all cleared surgical lasers that have SMA 905 connectors.


AZ Med Tec's surgical fibers are compatible with the following lasers:


Reusable and single-use surgical fibers - 0% tolerance failure rate

Call AZ Med Tec today and request surgical laser fiber samples for use in general surgery, plastic surgery or urology. Our customer service department is on call for any special requests that you may have, such as custom made surgical fibers or custom labeled surgical laser fibers .


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AZ Med Tec - surgical laser fibers built on a foundation of quality.

Phone: 713-802-1800


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